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Being at the very forefront in the automobile industry in Pakistan, Indus Motor Company has a direct interest in road safety initiatives. We feel a measure of responsibility for all our vehicles that are in use throughout the country, and we are concerned with the safety of not just the individuals driving our vehicles, but all the people that they are coming into contact with on the roads as well.

As such, our road safety initiatives are designed to create awareness in society of this important area, reduce traffic accidents and help create a safe environment for all road users. IMC has assumed a leadership position in the area of Road Safety and is a pioneer in undertaking several research projects to address this issue.

We are particularly proud of our work with the Road Traffic Injury Research Project (RTIRP), which is being acknowledged at the highest level. The project now has the patronage of the United Nations through World Health Organization and Government of Pakistan.

Recently, we have initiated the “Toyota – Research on Traffic Congestion” (T-RTC) a research project being undertaken in collaboration with NED University of Engineering & Technology, a leading engineering institution in Pakistan. The project comprises three multifaceted phases and the objective of the study is to quantify the economic cost of traffic congestion and socio-economic impact on the overall economy, such as cost of doing business, environment, society, health and human behavior. The study will help in making a case for the government to improve Road Engineering in order to provide better/safe environment.