Fresh and inspiring, the Camry shapes a new
global quality standard for mid-size sedans.
Its dynamic physical presence and exhilarating
performance stimulate your desire to drive.
Your pleasure is heightened by the subtle
appeal of contemporary comfort and relaxing
atmosphere that speaks directly to your soul.

Sleek and Strong, the eye-catching design
and dramatic stance exudes a vital life force.
Vibrant and poised, the bold flowing lines
hint at superb aerodynamics, immediately
raising spirits. Experience the world at your
feet, with luxury you demand and
performance you deserve.

The all new Camry reveals breathtaking attention to detail with
integrated systems and unparalleled interior design. A low set,
horizontal t-shaped instrument panel ensures ergonomic ease
and prestigious appeal. A luxury shell and leather seats give
physical form to the Camry experience.


Camry has superb spaciousness with specially
redesigned seats to provide excellent legroom
and cabin comfort. The cabin has been designed
with a view to ergonomics, comfort and luxury.

Camry offers exceptional passenger comfort with a dual cabin,
automatic air conditioning system. Equipped with a 3-zone temperature
control and ‘nanoe™ air purifying technology. Nanoe™ particles inhibit
bacteria and viruses, improve air quality, and prevent skin moisture
loss resulting from air conditioned environments.


Camry\\\\\\\\'s wood grain finished, urethane-type four spoke steering
wheel is encased in genuine, premium leather. Audio and voice
recognition switches are located on the right. The audio switches
on the steering wheel are arranged in a cross shape, allowing
maximum utility to the driver.


Fuel economy, low emission and
unsurpassed quietness are just a
few hallmarks of the New Camry.
It is equipped with a 2.5l 2ar-fe dual
VVT-I engine and light-weight, low
emission TCV (tumble control valves)
for outstanding performance. The
unique ACIS (acoustic control
induction system) ensures optimum
power and torque, particularly at
low speeds.


Intelligent multi-mode 6-speed automatic
transmission enables manual-like gear
shifting by using the + (up)/-(down) shift
switches in the \\\\\\\\'S\\\\\\\\' position. Camry\\\\\\\\'s
6-speed automatic transmission provides
the added advantages of excellent
starting acceleration, fuel economy,
smooth gear shifting and driving

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