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Save The Seashore & Greener
Pakistan 2023

Toyota Eastern Motors would like to share the CSR activity organized with one complete successful day of our "Save The Seashore & Greener Pakistan". We are obliged to share with you a few glimpses of our successful campaign. This campaign aims to clean up beach & Greener Pakistan, removing litter from the shoreline is of benefit to the ocean ecosystem. A great deal of marine life depends on the beach ecosystem, but the naked eye cannot see most of them as they are small in size or buried in the sand. These organisms play an important role in the ocean, they provide nutrients to the sea, and their presence makes the ecosystem healthier & Plants provide essential ecosystem services, carbon sequestration. They cool the air, provide oxygen, remove harmful gases and air pollutants, and keep the air moist.

Therefore, we organized a Beach clean-up activity & Greener Pakistan on 18-Mar-23, Toyota Eastern Motors obliged as a responsible organization who’s always keen to pay a special contribution to any movement that seeks to protect the environment. During our beach clean-up activity, we collected about 07 bags with an estimated weight of 20 kg combined. The most dominant constituents were straws, plastic bags, foam pieces, glass bottles, and food packaging wraps etc. When that plastic reaches the shore, it gradually breaks down into smaller pieces known as microplastics, which are as small as plankton sometimes, which are mistaken for food by marine animals such as seals, turtles, and other fish. These creatures may suffer for months or years before dying after ingesting microplastics. Microplastics contain toxic chemicals and may affect reproduction therefore we tried to play our role in cleaning of beaches.